FAQS (January 2010)

Donna, how long have you been doing this?
-I have been teaching and creating educational programs for over twenty years.  I have had Donna's Kids at this location for over thirteen years.

What was the first program that you ever created?
-A Mommy and Me program back in the late eighties in NYC.  It was one of the first of its kind and became popular very quickly. It is known as the "ToddlerTime Kids" program today.

Donna, is it true that you are closing your center? 
-I made the decision to close after a long term lease renewal wasn't available at my location. While there is a lot of vacant space available, I just haven't yet found a local space with a suitable mix of good location, size, parking and affordable rent to reopen the center.

Are you going to reopen at a different location?
-The search will continue.  In the meantime you can visit me at my Livingston studio office.

What will you do in the meantime?
-While I consider options for reopening in the future, I have lots to keep me busy.  I am going to pursue my educational and fictional writing, my art, my photography and music as well as continue to consult schools and families as an early childhood specialist and teaching artist. I also am working on a special educational project...can't tell you about that yet.

How can we contact you?
- The easiest way is through this website.