Rave Reviews

Suburban Essex Magazine has called Donna's Kids "a kids' paradise...with magic in the air and a special feeling that comes from a combination of learning, creativity, excitement, fun and lots of happy kids all rolled up together in one very special place."


The (ToddlerTime Kids Plus) program has helped my kids break out of their shell.  Their imagination just comes out.  My daughter is socializing more.  She looks forward to class and talks about it all week.  It is different, like no other.  My older daughter is also taking the Young Artist program.  It is amazing.  That dinosaur sculpture she made last week was unbelievable.  She holds it up so proud.  It is also a great separation class.   -Rosayn Daly

Donna's Kids is extraordinary.  There's no other class around like these.  In the cooking class the food is delicious - top notch.  We do the recipes at home.  The recipes are healthy and fresh and the art projects are phenomenal and unique.  There may be a few personal chefs coming out of the program.  These classes aren't just putting frosting on a cupcake.  The kids chop, slice, blend, mix...the kids are completely involved.  And Donna is the owner and teaches the class.  She is passionate about what she does and it shows in everything. -Danielle Krasco                                     


I am the mother of three girls, and Donna's Kids has been a part of our lives since each of my girl’s birth!!!!  From the first class laying on the floor on a blanket to my six year old taking her current art class each hour spent at Donna's kids has been a hit!!!  She puts 200% into every class she offers!  We have made yummy creations cooking in the kitchen, we have learned new songs and dances, and best of all we have made friendships that last!   Donna provides a unique environment in which children become comfortable instantly, allowing them the opportunity to grow and learn!  We are very lucky having a wonderful person like Donna helping our children reach their potential while having the best time! - Ashley Kransdorf 

Since I moved to New Jersey from the city, Donna's Kids has been my savior.  As a full-time working mother with an exceptionally shy child, I needed to find a place at which my daughter could socialize in a warm, fun environment-Donna's Kids, by far, is her favorite play-date!  Besides being a great teacher and inspiration to the children in her classes, Donna has been a personal advisor to me.  She provided me with advice on strategies to combat my daughter's social anxiety.  I can honestly say my daughter has grown socially, in a large part, thanks to Donna and her program. - Jennifer Sonnabend 

Paula loves her class and her teachers.  I love the personal touch.  It is important that an art program has feelings attached and I see that a lot at Donna's Kids. -
Lucy Sefia

Thank you again for Jenny's party.  The amount of time and effort that you put into parties at your studio really make each one unique and a very special event.  The children had a wonderful time, especially the birthday girl, and putting the event into your hands made it easy for the parents to relax and enjoy as well.  My children and I look forward to seeing you in classes. -Jill A.

Referring to an unwrapped crayon....
      "Hey, why is this crayon naked?" Presley

After making a necklace during our ToddlerTime Kids Plus class, one of the two year old little girls proudly said, "Now I have a necklace to wear to the grand ball!"

"It is fun mixing all these colors. There sure is a lot of art in here.  I want to make everything!  I only have one piece of tape left to hang things at home, but I have an art cart.  If I had a million dollars, I would make a museum and it would look just like this with all these paintings and art all around."  ...Max

"This tastes like the yummiest cake I ever did have.  I don't want to go home after cooking, I want to stay here and do more things."  -Geoffrey

"Isn't this so much fun?  It makes me believe in magic when I see the popcorn come out!  -Gracie

"I licked my fingers and I almost ate my entire whole hand it was so good." -Mollie
"This is the best place!  Better than my camp, my school, better than anything!"   -Sammi

"This is so fun.  I never jungle jammed before."  -Kayla

"I'm having so much fun!"  -Riya

"I always have fun here.  This is the very best place ever!"  -Lizzie

"Remember when we were on the stage singing together Donna?  That was so much fun, I will always remember it!  I will really miss you over the summer."  -Jared
"My favorite part of camp was everything.  Today I liked the cinnamon jungle animals and the jungle jam too."  -Jamie K.
During the morning camp sing, we were talking about music and the different songs that we were singing;  the children were excitedly shouting out...
-"Let's do that rocka music set."
-"No the little birdie set."
-"I know all the dances."
-"I can do a turn set."
-"At home I have a train set."